Andreas Hengge – Account management

Andreas Hengge
Andreas Hengge
Account Management

“Data driven success is our passion”

  • Digital Media Designer (Macromedia University of Applied Sciences)
  • Experience with digital media since the age of BTX
  • More than 13 years’ e-commerce experience
  • Excels in thinking outside the box
  • High affinity for fashion and lifestyle brands

Andreas has been gaining experience in dealing with digital media since the mid-1980s. He was already an active user of BTX – the predecessor of the Internet – at the somewhat precocious age of eight. To this day, he has passionately followed the technical, social and economic development of online media and tools. The rise of mobile marketing and omnichannel strategies did not, therefore, come as a surprise to him and is simply the logical consequence of this market.

“At adamicus, I have a great deal of creative leeway to put our customers’ wishes and goals into effect, focussing on results. This calls for creativity, team spirit and passion as well as a healthy dose of pragmatism, day in day out. As a key account manager for premium brands, this is what appeals to me in putting our customers’ ambitious growth objectives into practice.”

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