Ina Schmidt – Editorial & localisation services

Ina Schmidt
Editorial & Localisation Services

“Quality is the product of attention to detail.” Andreas Tenzer

Ina is responsible for the field of localisation management and, together with her team and a highly diverse network of translators, ensures localisation of online shops and eCommerce content adapted to the relevant target groups and cultures.

She herself has an excellent command of several foreign languages and she always makes every effort not merely to commission translations for her customers but to tailor them in accordance with the cultural aspects of the target market and the values of the brand.

With her rich and varied background in the fields of cultural studies and linguistics, social research, economics, IT and intercultural communication, Ina is an empathetic and competent partner for your projects.


  • Degree in international economic communication majoring in English and Spanish
  • Degree in sociology and statistics
  • Expatriate Management for the BMW Group
  • Quality Management project manager for the development of a new search engine
  • Trainer in intercultural communication DE-USA
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