Stefan Krempl – CEO

Stefan Krempl
Stefan Krempl

“Survival must be earned.” – old Klingon proverb

Stefan is responsible for the holistic strategy, customer services and further development of the adamicus group. As founder and CEO, he represents adamicus both externally and internally.

“adamicus is the sparring partner companies rely on in critical and highly volatile business environments, not only to maintain the status quo, but to stand out from their competitors. We proactively question everyday processes while offering new ideas and individual best practice solutions – we are always ready to go the extra mile for our customers. My favourite tool? An empty whiteboard!”

Stefan is a web pioneer and founded his first successful internet start-up as early as 1994. As the link between communication, consumer interest and technology (that sometimes even had to be invented first), he always strikes the right note and provides pragmatic approaches to solving problems. Having held several leading positions in various international companies, he founded adamicus in 2004 with Stephan Kellermann and has put his heart and soul into the agency ever since.

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