Stephan Kellermann – CFO

Stephan Kellermann
Stephan Kellermann

“The more complex the digital challenges, the more important it is to offer all disciplines from a single source.”

In addition to the traditional tasks of a CFO, Stephan develops and accompanies the group’s growth plans. This means he doesn’t only cut expenses, but identifies situations and innovations that turn out to be growth catalysts. This has propelled the company forwards and enabled it to achieve its goals.

“The constant growth in the digital world doesn’t come as a surprise, but we shouldn’t forget that it could also come to an end. All a customer’s KPIs must therefore be individually identified, examined and evaluated. In some cases, this may lead to rethinking economic principles.”

While obtaining his business degree, Stephan spent almost every day gaining experience and practical knowledge in an accounting and law office in Munich. The course was soon set for his economic orientation. Back then, Stephan already showed great interest in the Internet, which was still only in its infancy in those days. The fact that he experienced the pioneering days working for a digital agency enabled him to switch from the business sector to digital performance marketing Rock ’n’ Roll – and finally to found adamicus GmbH with his business partner Stefan Krempl. Today, Stephan is a proud representative of adamicus GmbH, looking back on more than ten years of growth within the group.