Content Marketing

We develop up-to-date content marketing concepts, bearing the latest trends and guidelines in mind.

As part of the ideal marketing mix, off-page content is also decisive in achieving a year-on-year increase. This is why, as a performance marketing agency, we also include blogger relations with a growing network of contacts in our portfolio.

We identify suitable blogs and influencers for the target group and take over responsibility for establishing and maintaining a partner mailing list. We subsequently create individual campaigns within the framework of a target-oriented content marketing and SEO strategy in line with the marketing plan, focussing on long-term goals and lasting valuable content. This also includes building a reputation within the online community – because no one is better at generating unique content than bloggers.

The process includes concept design, pricing, briefing and contract management with influencers and bloggers. Quality management by adamicus is an important element, facilitated by our journalistic background and SEO track record.

We help to create and identify synergies between all performance channels and use them for your shop in the best possible way.

adamicus prepares significant reports and analyses on a regular basis and permanently monitors and controls their development using well-established tools.

  • Concept design and consulting in the area of new media
  • Interface between blogs and companies
  • Influencer marketing
  • Development of content concepts
  • Network maintenance
  • Development and implementation of campaigns
  • Quality management
  • Significant reporting
  • Long-term goals and monitoring
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Increased reach