Online shop localisation

Setting up an online shop suitable for numerous countries is one of the most important prerequisites for a successful international e-commerce business. High-quality localisation, individually adapted to the target market, has proven to be far more appropriate than simply translating from one language into another. As an experienced partner in the internationalisation of e-commerce projects, adamicus accompanies the localisation process for entire online shops from start to finish:

  • Internationalisation or roll-out of entire online shops
  • Consulting on developing the ideal “language environment” for the online shop, including with respect to cultural particularities on the target markets
  • Localisation of entire online shop content, including all linguistic components (products, category descriptions, FAQ)
  • Ongoing localisation of dynamic content (products, news, specials)
  • Development of accurate glossaries, wording and brand guides that can be used for a long time to come
  • Creation of a flexible, native language team of localisation experts for the target market
  • Translation automation thanks to a translation tool developed in-house / plug-in with the online shop for direct transmission possible (including manual approval)
  • Extensive centralised project management for all required process steps

Appropriate, top-quality localisation is the best possible way to approach your target group and to ensure a positive perception of your online shop as an essential point of contact.