Making well-founded decisions depends on collecting reliable data in all applicable areas. adamicus makes this possible by developing its own tools and by supporting common systems such as Google Analytics and the Google Tag Manager. Among other things, this includes:

  • Basic Google Analytics setup
  • Control and information on general data privacy guidelines
  • Setup of the Google Tag Manager
  • Detailed IT briefings on the installation of required systems
  • Customised add-ons for out-of-the-box systems
  • Definition and documentation of entire campaign tracking
  • Implementation of user-specific cross-device tracking
  • Customer-specific campaign and marketing dashboards
  • Mobile and app tracking
  • Definition of important KPIs with all the parties involved
  • Simple visualisation of data that is easy to understand
  • Aggregation of different data sources such as return data, advertising networks, POS data, etc.
  • Definition and implementation of specially-adapted attribution models
  • Customer journey tracking
  • Data cleansing
  • Bot tracking
  • Automation of reporting and monitoring

The area of analysis still offers considerable unused potential. That is why adamicus supports its customers in developing and quickly implementing strategies using this data. Based on valid data, micro- and macro-targets are defined in cooperation with the customer in order to enable an exact measurement of success. Tools developed by adamicus itself bridge the gaps that may occur with standardised systems such as Google Analytics and enable the secure processing of all sensitive data in line with privacy requirements.

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